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10 of the Best Place to Buy Orchids Online & Tips for Orchid Care

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best place to buy orchids online

If you’re looking for the best place to buy orchids online right now, you’ve come to the right place. After some time spent in research, I will now be compiling a handy list for you to have when you’re thinking about going online to purchase that beautiful, mesmerizing orchid plant.

Before that, I’ve had people who came up to me asking – Why should I get orchids online? Sure, going to the store and browsing through ten, maybe twenty orchid plants and then finally fixate your gaze on the chosen one seems ideal, but shopping for them online sure has more benefits. I mean, it starts with only a simple Google search of orchids for sale near me.

Picture yourself at the nursery right now, and you’re deciding between 10 orchid plants as you walk through the aisle. The owner checks on you and gives you all the information you’re there to find out. You’re finally sold by one of the plants and you take it back home to start caring for it.

Now, let’s do it again online. First off, you’ll notice that you don’t even have to settle for ten or twenty options when there’s a vast selection of orchids out there! Owners are typically biased in picking the types of orchids they wish to sell. This way, you have full control in picking which one you’d like to take home and the best part is, you will not be limited by an inventory list of just one nursery. 

Looking for specific cattleya orchids for sale? Well, you’re in considerably more luck searching for it online yourself!

When shopping for the best place to buy orchids online, or anything, in fact, you are in a position where you’re basically not limited to a certain number of options. Therefore, you get to have full control in not only purchasing a type of orchid but also possess all the unbiased information in caring for one. Sounds good when you’re in control doesn’t it?

 Shopping online means lesser interaction and more safety for yourself and your loved ones at home. By eliminating the need to go to the nursery, you not only save time and effort but also reduce the risks of infections. So, shop online and stay safe!

Without further ado, I will now bring you over to my list of the best place to buy orchids online. Buckle up!

best place to buy orchids online

Best Place to Buy Orchids Online

Buy Orchids via Amazon

It is of no surprise nor shock that Amazon tops this list. In a customer reviewing site, statistics show that in the year 2020, 68.9% of Amazon’s customers made purchases online from the site and reported doing so, because of Amazon’s broad selection.

Customers would say that they could find whatever they need on Amazon. To top this, a high 79.8% of the customers would make purchases because of Amazon’s fast, secure and free shipping.

Not only will you be able to enjoy the stated benefits, but you can also browse through a vast library of orchids available at your fingertips. Plus, it doesn’t just end there, you’ve got customer reviews to help you feel convinced and great packages from vendors that include other related products such as soil, pots, fertilizers et cetera.

Buy Orchids via The Bouqs

Speaking about packages, The Bouqs boasts an extremely appealing offer for a bundle of 3 mini orchids for just under $50 should you choose to be included in their subscription list. Apart from The Bouqs’ site’s ease of navigation and their famous weekly deals, this is a place where you should definitely consider it to be one of the best place to buy orchids online for several reasons!

 The Bouqs stands out as one of the go-to sites for online purchases of flowers and plants with their subscription services that usually come along with discounts of up to 30%!

Another plus point? Enjoy free deliveries with purchases over $100!

Buy Orchids via Orchids by Hausermann

Looking for cattleya orchids for sale? Dracula orchids and miniature orchids, perhaps? Miltonia orchids, Laelia orchids et cetera. You name it! Orchids by Hausermann has got you covered.

 Orchids by Hausermann is a Chicago-based store that has huge customer satisfaction reports and praises for their excellent variety of plants and customer service. Customers report feeling a great sense of having value for money, making purchases at this store.

 Be sure to head over to their site to check the diverse selections of orchids they have today!

Buy Orchids via Odom’s Orchids

The owner of Odom’s Orchids has been in the business for an extensive period of over 40 years. With that amount of experience, it is no surprise that customers keep coming back to them for more! Customers have reported having excellent customer service and are usually very happy with Odom’s Orchids’ gift packages and deliveries. They are prompt and handled very well.

Odom’s Orchids goes the extra mile in crafting handwritten notes in their gift packages so if you’re looking to make an impression with an orchid plant as a gift, you know where to look!

Buy Orchids via Just Addice Orchids

Just Addice offers not only a great selection of orchids but also care tips for a great after-sale experience! Follow them on Instagram as they post regularly on their current stock and upcoming deals.

 Just Addice has a variety of plants to select from and they also offer a premium Orchid repotting kit which can be useful for some of you out there. As a bonus, be sure to join their plant’s perks loyalty program to earn redeemable points as you shop for plants!

best place to buy orchids onlineBuy Orchids via Teleflora

Got a birthday coming up? Need for her and for his gifts as well? Teleflora has specifically designed gifts and to whomever, you’re giving it to, they’re in for a treat! At checkout, you can choose to include mylar balloons, stuffed animals and even chocolates with just a single click!

 Chocolates and flowers? Now that’s a deal!

You can also opt to include a handwritten message in your purchases and if you’re outside the country, fret not as Teleflora offers international deliveries as well! Be sure to join the Teleflora club before you make your first purchase to enjoy a 20% discount. 

Buy Orchids via ProFlowers

ProFlowers has a user-friendly website with simplicity and accessibility as its design. Currently, they offer 4 versions of orchids online. The pink orchid, white orchid, mini orchid and watercolour orchids.

 There seems to be quite a liking for their watercolour orchids so be sure to check them out as you might love them as well.

Proflowers stands by its same-day flower delivery services so if it’s an emergency, head over to their site to make a quick purchase as they cater for bouquets and customized gifts for a variety of occasions!

Buy Orchids via Marlows Orchids

If you are looking for specific cattleya orchids for sale, you’re going to enjoy knowing that at Marlows Orchids, they not only have cattleya orchids but also cattleya hybrid orchids and a variety of other orchids as well!

 Marlows Orchids take no shortcuts when it comes to delivering quality products to their customers. During winter, this company would even make deliveries within the zone with added heat packs with no extra fees.

Head over to their site to browse through a variety of orchid plants for sale!

Buy Orchids via 1-800 Flowers.com

Don’t you just love same-day deliveries? Here’s another one that guarantees same-day deliveries for purchases made before 2pm each day.

1-800 Flowers.com is a site growing in popularity for reinventing the gifting experience. Whether it is an orchid for yourself or for your loved one, this company will make sure you receive them with a big smile on your face.

Enjoy a wide selection of orchid plants and expect a high-quality product delivered at your doorstep with just a few clicks from the very comfort of your home.

Buy Orchids via Brookside Orchids

Not your average nursery. That is what Brookside Orchids have to say about themselves! And their customers seem to agree with that as well.

You can get a vast selection of orchid plants here. But not just that! Look nowhere else for all the supplies you’ll need for your orchid plants. Some customers spend a lot of time in their physical store but the site is user-friendly enough that it keeps you hooked for some time as well.

best place to buy orchids online

Growing Orchids Care Guide


Orchid plants require good drainage and air circulation in order to thrive. The roots of the plant also need to be secure within the medium. Therefore, with taking the type of orchid into considerations, orchids can grow well in mediums such as peat moss, sphagnum moss, perlite, fir bark, coconut fibre (slightly pricey), rock wool or any blend that is made up of these combinations.

A popular choice for many orchid owners is fir bark but regardless, keep in mind that good drainage and air circulation should be attained.


A rule of thumb when it comes to lighting for orchids is to allow them to have plenty of it! Orchids are tropical plants that love good lighting! They should aim to have at least 14 hours of light daily. Being tropical plants, you may need to relocate your orchids occasionally and be sure to provide them with artificial lighting during the winter.

Several orchids have high light requirements. For example vandas and cymbidiums. So be sure to understand your orchid’s requirement well to care for it.


We know that orchids are tropical plants. That’s why they do so well in tolerating drier climates more so than they are able to handle excess moisture. An easy way to cut an orchid’s life short is to let it be in a pot with the poor water drainage as this would block air circulation and eventually contribute to the plant’s death.

Keep in mind a general rule of watering your orchid plant only once a week. The potting mix or soil should be allowed to dry out in between your watering schedule and excess water should be drained out properly.

Some types of potting mixes can be hard to tell if they are moist inside as they look on the surface. For cases like these, be sure to stick a chopstick right in the middle to check if the interior of the soil is wet.


The temperature depends on the type of orchid you own. Different orchids have different requirements when it comes to temperature. Dendrobiums require temperatures under 10 degrees Fahrenheit while orchids like the Phalaenopsis prefer temperatures ranging from 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Orchids bloom by recognizing the change in temperatures at night and day to notice when the seasons are changing. Therefore, by being equipped with the knowledge of what your orchid requires, you can make the right adjustments to meet those needs so that your orchid plant can thrive healthily.

As a rule of thumb, most orchids prefer warmer temperatures and as long as it isn’t extremely hot or cold, your orchid is most likely to pull through.


Tropical plants usually prefer high levels of humidity. Orchids are like that as well as they would do best in conditions with humidity levels exceeding 60%. Matching this requirement is important as it recreates the natural habitat of an orchid.

If you’re going to be caring for orchids, be sure to prepare for winter by acquiring a humidifier as humidity levels can drop to a low 30% during that season.

Most orchids also do well with occasional misting.


The potting mixes or soil that you use to plant your orchids in would most probably provide very few nutrients. Therefore, fertilization is the key to ensure proper growth and development.

Be mindful during this process as too much fertilizer would do more harm than good and that it should only be applied during the plant’s active growth. This also means that fertilizers should be avoided during repotting. 

Alternatively, you may mist your orchid plant with fish emulsion or seaweed extracts for an adequate supply of micronutrients. Also, choosing a fertilizer that is designed specifically for the growth of orchids surely does a better job.

You may fertilize your orchids every 2 weeks during peak growth and once a month during dormancy. Use a 30-10-10 fertilizer diluted to half strength.


After actualizing the very first few steps in helping your orchid plant grow, you will soon be rewarded with beautiful flowers that could last up to 12 weeks. It is during this time that you will have to consider pruning.

Firstly, you can start by deciding which stems to keep, and which ones to prune away. You would have to keep the healthy ones and prune away the less healthy ones. This may seem tedious but keep in mind that pruning encourages healthy development for your beloved orchid.

Use sterilised equipment to reduce the risk of diseases and be sure to be gentle and careful in order to not damage your orchid.

If your stem is healthy and you’re only pruning it for the first time, trim the stem diagonally just above the stem node where the first flower had bloomed. This creates room for new shoots to grow.

Propagation and Growth

When it comes to propagating orchids from seeds, it can be quite challenging. Orchid seeds do not possess nutritional storage tissues. In order to grow, these seeds must not only land in damp soil, but they also require a particular type of fungus to penetrate its root system to convert nutrients into a form that is usable.

 The odds are against the survival of orchids, and this is why just one of the plant’s seed capsules usually has an average of millions of microscopic seeds.

 To ensure successful propagation, you have to keep in mind that sterile conditions help in reducing the risk of infections as seeds are more prone to that. Patience is also crucial as this process can take up to months for leaves to emerge. Roots will appear much later and can take up to a few years before you see a bloom. 

This is why most people prefer to propagate this plant by division.


One should be attentive to the plant during repotting as it sets the growth chart for the plant if done properly. Most orchids wouldn’t even resume an active growth cycle for a few months after repotting. During this readjustment period, be sure to water your orchid plants sparingly.

You may opt to use plastic pots as it makes the transitions easier. To ensure proper water drainage, you may incorporate foam peanuts in your pot. Next, gradually place layers of fir bark while making sure that the crown of the plant stays just below the top of the pot.

Although some orchids can stay happy and healthy in the same pot for many years, some would require repotting annually. However, do not feel the need to re-pot unless it is necessary.

Plant Diseases

Be mindful of your plants and possible invasions of bugs or even bacteria. Make sure to be attentive to any newly infected parts of your plant and prune them away. If you own several orchids, move the infected plant altogether away from the others to reduce the risk of transmitting the disease from one plant to the others.

The best way to handle fungal or bacterial infections is to prevent it. Therefore, spray your orchid plants with 1 teaspoon of Physan once a month. Alternatively, you can also apply cinnamon as it is an effective fungicide, not to mention organic.

For many cases, you can first separate plants with diseases and treat them safely with the use of bactericides or fungicides. The next line of defence would usually encompass the use of pruning and repotting to ensure healthy growth.

Common Issues with Growing Orchids

Although not always, some of the common issues that orchid owners face would be root rot, crown rot and leaf spot. Root rot usually sets in when there is too much water and a poor drainage system. When roots are kept wet, aeration is severely affected and this may cause the roots to rot. Sufficient airflow should do the trick.

 Crown rot, on the other hand, causes the centre of the pot to turn black and rot. This happens when too much water is contained in the crown of the plant. In most cases, this ends up in the plant’s death as it is usually not salvageable.

 Leaf spot is what we call the damages left by fungal or bacterial infections on the surfaces of the leaves. You can prune away these leaves but be careful to sterilise your equipment before making cuts to avoid spreading the disease.


Best Place to Buy Orchids Online Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best place to buy real orchids?

You can choose to purchase your orchids directly at your nearest nursery or opt to get them online to enjoy a vast selection of orchids with a larger array of online perks.

Can you order orchids online?

You can order your orchids online at Amazon, The Bouqs, Orchids by Hausermann and many other online stores dedicated to orchids, their aftercare and more.

What is a good price for an orchid?

Prices for a typical orchid would range anywhere from $15 to $45 and it would depend on the type, color and number of blooms the orchid plant has to offer. Seedlings can cost anywhere from $7 to $20 per pack.

Are orchids worth a lot of money?

For many reasons, orchids do come off as an expensive plant to care for as they are exotic, and they bloom in a variety of colors and therefore offer very unique appearances. To top them all, orchids are also fragrant.

How long do orchids live for?

With the right conditions and proper care, certain types of orchids can live up to 2 decades.

How long do orchids blooms last?

Orchids bloom in many different colours and these blooms can last up to months at a time, depending on the type of orchid you have.


If you’ve made it to the end of this write-up, you’re probably already a fan of orchids. By now, I hope that you are equipped with all the knowledge you’d need in making a purchase online this time.

Next time someone asks you if or not they should get an orchid online, be sure to hand them this list so that they can find the best place to buy orchids online for themselves. You’ll be able to shop for all the items you would need in no time, with extra perks such as discounted subscription services and gift packages with handwritten messages included in them!

God bless the internet, am I right?

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